What NOT to Wear to an Interview for Girls


Think about the job you are applying for and dress as though you already have that job. You want to dress professionally and conservatively. Here are just some of my suggestions on what to avoid in order to dress for success.

1. Don’t wear wild nail polish colors.
2. Don’t have facial piercing.
3. Don’t wear too much jewelry.
4. Don’t wear a skirt that is above the knee.
5. Don’t wear a leather jacket.
6. Don’t wear flip flops.
7. Don’t wear heavy makeup.
8. Don’t have crazy hairstyles.
9. Don’t put on too much perfume.
10. Don’t wear sneakers.

Remember to test out your outfit first before you wear it to an interview!

To find out what more on what you can avoid wearing for an interview, click on this link: What Not to Wear to an Interview



Kohl’s Work Wardrobe Solutions


Kohl’s offers great clothing for women, but did you know that Kohl’s has a section on their webpage where they put together 5 outfits for work? I just came across this page, and I find it very helpful because it shows every woman how to dress for business formal or business casual.

Here’s a link to Kohl’s work wardrobe section on its website:  Work Wardrobe Solutions






What is the perfect outfit for your job?

I came across this article that will show you 17 cool outfit ideas for whatever job you have. What I find interesting about this article is that there is a number to each item so you know what to look for. Then it show how much each item cost and where to buy them. If you are having a hard time on creating an outfit, then maybe this will give you some helpful ideas on what to wear for work. Below are three of my favorite outfits. Click on  “The Perfect Outfit” to continue looking through rest of these outfits.

The Banker


I like how this outfit is put together.

The Event Planner


The floral skirt in this outfit is cute.

The Financial Analyst


This one is nice as well and I like the bag.

Appropriate Interview Attire


Dressing appropriately is very important in first impressions so make sure to wear appropriate interview attire. Men should wear business suit, collared shirt and tie. Women should wear dress or blouse and pants. It is okay if you don’t know what to wear. By following the steps listed in the picture below will help you look your best.


Watch “Interview Dress For Women” and “Interview For Men” and learn how experts show young men and women how to dress for success.

Interview Dress For Women

Interview Dress For Men


Makeup For work


Michelle Phan is a very famous YouTube celebrity. Her channel is mainly about makeup and skincare. She is really good with makeup so check her out when you have the time. Click on her name to go to her YouTube channel -> Michelle Phan

Want to look and feel like a boss? This is the makeup tutorial for you.

Here is another fun makeup tutorial that will make you look great for work. 🙂

Office or Interview Makeup Look


Lindy Tsang a.k.a Bubzbeauty is one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. I love watching her because she gives great advice on fashion, skincare, and life. She does a lot of makeup tutorials and hair tutorials that are easy to follow compare to other tutorials on YouTube.

You can find Lindy on her Youtube channel here: bubzbeauty

Here is an office or interview makeup tutorial for you guys.