What NOT to Wear to an Interview for Girls


Think about the job you are applying for and dress as though you already have that job. You want to dress professionally and conservatively. Here are just some of my suggestions on what to avoid in order to dress for success.

1. Don’t wear wild nail polish colors.
2. Don’t have facial piercing.
3. Don’t wear too much jewelry.
4. Don’t wear a skirt that is above the knee.
5. Don’t wear a leather jacket.
6. Don’t wear flip flops.
7. Don’t wear heavy makeup.
8. Don’t have crazy hairstyles.
9. Don’t put on too much perfume.
10. Don’t wear sneakers.

Remember to test out your outfit first before you wear it to an interview!

To find out what more on what you can avoid wearing for an interview, click on this link: What Not to Wear to an Interview



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