Makeup For work


Michelle Phan is a very famous YouTube celebrity. Her channel is mainly about makeup and skincare. She is really good with makeup so check her out when you have the time. Click on her name to go to her YouTube channel -> Michelle Phan

Want to look and feel like a boss? This is the makeup tutorial for you.

Here is another fun makeup tutorial that will make you look great for work. 🙂


Office or Interview Makeup Look


Lindy Tsang a.k.a Bubzbeauty is one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. I love watching her because she gives great advice on fashion, skincare, and life. She does a lot of makeup tutorials and hair tutorials that are easy to follow compare to other tutorials on YouTube.

You can find Lindy on her Youtube channel here: bubzbeauty

Here is an office or interview makeup tutorial for you guys.